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Whether you’re a fellow blogger, a small company or a Hanbok designer, I’d love to hear from you about the projects you are working on. As a blogger and now YouTuber, I am growing my platforms here in South Korea and have collaborated with several companies. I can also offer my design and branding skills to other content creators who are starting their own blogs or businesses. Feel free to contact me below from anywhere in the world!

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Hey Internet. With all of this spare house quarantine time, I've finally figured out what I want my Instagram to be… or the direction I want it to take. What a snooze fest of a post this is going to be. • I started this account when I was finishing uni 2 years ago as a way to procrastinate/share my drawings. Then I stopped drawing and had nothing to post so I mishmashed random Korea pics in with drawings I didn't really like! • Does anyone else feel this strange urge to post things for no reason other than to see your profile fill up with more colour/likes/followers? It's kind of like instant gratification hoarding and I need to stop with that. It's the digital version of having a huge bookshelf with only a few books taking up shelf space. You just feel like you need to aquire any old books to fill the gap without really caring about the book itself? Bad analogy? I digress. • Then I moved to Korea and started working a lot and felt zero creative juices flowing in my brain. I probably posted 10 pictures the whole time I was working last year. This led my insta train further off the rails. • I've now compartmentalised my drawing account, korea/blog/travel account and my personal account. Maybe one of the few positive outcomes of a worldwide health epidemic is all this extra thinking time? • This is my account that is all about Korean life, and I started @koreanpicnic for all of my drawings and designs to be shown! If you'd like to follow my art page, that'd be okay with me. • Bonus: I also started a YouTube channel at the start of the year because I've been wanting to do it for 5 years and, literally, why the hell not? So, if you're interested about my life here in Korea, go to my blog for different links to my videos. Life in a foreign country is hard, so I wanted to share things, make friends, find a new hobby and have a way to unleash my neverending internal monologue. • Okay cool, that's all I had to say. Here are some pics from Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan, 2017. They're still my fave pics I've ever taken with a camera and they somehow make you feel happy without any context, editing or reason.

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