Happy Korean New Year ‘설날’

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Hello internet world and welcome to a story about Korean New Year!

Koreans celebrate the lunar new year in a celebration called Seollal (설날). This was my first seollal as a 며느리 so everyone made a big fuss.

On New Year’s day (Sat 25th Jan 2020), we ate rice cake soup and a yummy eggy pancake. We also had lots pf crustations and a variety of rural style side dishes. I celebrated Seollal in Yeosu, so the food may vary here.

We also ate steamed pork ribs (갈비찜) and 잡재 on New Year’s Night!

We paid visits to both grandparents and did our New Year’s bows for good luck and great health. This was my first time bowing in Korea!

This holiday went by so quickly but here are some pictures that I managed to snap. I wanted to film a video for my YouTube channel but I think I will just film a separate video explaining new year’s traditions in Korea, Japan and China because I have experience with all three!

I hope you had a great new year, how did you spend yours? Does your country celebrate the lunar new year?

Sorry for a brief post! I will be back with more next week. Jo So Ko will be travelling all throughout February and March for two Australia trips and one more Yeosu trip (2 weddings are coming up including MY OWN!!). Stay real peeps! PS. Do you like my new pink blog?

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