Second Hand Bookstore in Seoul (서울책보고)

Today, I have come to the incredible bookstore ‘서울책보고’ along with my friends from my Korean class! All of th3 books here are second hand and they have a variety of both Korean and English books. It appers that a lot of the English books have been important from the UK but they’re still cheaper than going to Kyobo bookstore.

As an expat in Korea, it’s hard to get my hands on English novels, so I picked up 3 to keep me going next year on public transport. I also picked up a great English to Korean dictionary that is for beginners. I think I just liked it because of the illustrations (and it was only $3).

I’m not sure it’s wise to buy more books a week before moving house, but I am still in the store so I may not end up buying them all!

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