Picnic with the Parks – My New Webtoon Series

Hello! Have you heard of a little thing called Webtoon? Well, it’s a cool place on the internet where weird people draw comics and upload them for thousands of people. It’s basically YouTube for comics. (I’m explaining this because I know that some of my readers won’t have heard of this phenomenon).

I made it one of my goals this year to start a Webtoon series about my life in Seoul, South Korea. Now that it is November, I am ticking that goal off the list. This is my reminder to you that if you had goals for the year 2019, you still have time to realise them! Book that trip, tell that person how you feel, buy that thing, start that workout challenge, cook that recipe, write that blog etc. It’s not possible to achieve all of your goals in one year (if you did – congrats) but we can work hard to make sure we’re well on our way.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because they are disasters waiting to happen. All good habits take time to grow and shapeshift to become a permanent part of your life. Giving yourself zero room for failure makes it hard to stay motivated. For example, let’s say you decide to do a 30-day yoga challenge come January 1st. Maybe on the 15th, you’re travelling, you get sick or you just can’t get your body to do the things you want it to, what then? Suddenly, you feel like you’ve failed and we’re only half-way through the first month of the year.

Small goals, big goals, things you want to improve on. They are much better things to think about at the beginning of the year than resolutions. Come November 2020, it’s much more exciting to read that your goals were to ‘make some friends, start a weekly comic, find a better job’. It feels more gratifying than reading ‘don’t drink any alcohol, stay off carbs, limit social media usage to 30 mins per day, wake up at 5am’. These are not attainable resolutions and you might end up throwing your list away. Goals help you acknowledge your growth, resolutions make you feel like a potato.

It’s funny, I wanted to start a webtoon all year and never quite could. When I got around to starting it, the visual style, the content, the name, the colours – they all came very naturally. I didn’t feel pressured about making it perfect, this is just something I want to do. In the end, it took less than a day to go from drawing to uploading the first episode.

So, I hope you enjoy writing up your new goals for 2020 and reflecting on your 2019. If this sounds too spiritual for you, start small. Nobody needs to know about these goals (unless of course you would like to tell me below in the comments and we can discuss..). Anyway, where were we? Ah. Here is my first ever Webtoon comic in a series that I call ‘Picnic with the Parks’. I will try to do a weekly comic and upload each Friday evening. Some weeks, it may be more of a single image than a whole comic… We’re only human. If you would like to subscribe to my series, you can do so here. Stay up to date with my Instagram here. And be sure to read my other blog posts on Jo So Ko! Thanks for reading!

Episode 1 – Mr Park Works at a Korean Hagwon


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